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Suggestion: Save file replays

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It'd be great if save files stored your actions so that the game could be played back as everything happened, which would be especially great for bug reports since it would provide a repeating instance.

It would allow players to look back and see what happened (maybe they want to create youtube videos or a Duplicant's log), or even change their actions mid-way to see how it would change the outcome.

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Does the game have any kind of expanded channel log or something? Im an artist not a programmer. But I can see value in some type on expanded even log to look back at at lest in game around say death or break down of something. Whats offered in game as tagged evens can help but is rather generic. Then if you click on late there really is no help there. Personally im still wondering where the CL gas contamination was from in my latest play o-o A blurb tagged with time code about a dup being 'My lungs are burning!' would go a long way to solve and make more intuitive learned game play perhaps. yeah the status I know ppl. But that just in out numbers and from a quick glance over the layers I tend to get all I need to know. So I rarely look at that during the short night phase. I tend to watch pipe flows and gas drifting then to try and get ahead of some things. The pipe overlays are oddly satisfying when its all working. Nearly had a full interlaced HVAC going. It was beautiful.

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