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More data on Stress.

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My researchers tend to have much higher stress levels than the others, probably because they are stuck in one place working for so long. Areas with low decor and debris on the floor can also increase stress, walking on untiled floor, breathing bad air, not getting enough food, having interrupted sleep... the list is quite extensive :)

In the top left corner there is a percentage showing the highest stress your dupes have. Click on it and a list of the most stressed dupes in your colony appears with their stress percentages

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20 hours ago, AlucardEX said:

My biggest problem so far is figuring out exactly what the main causes of stress are.

I think the menu needs a lot more info on sources of stress and maybe a precentage on the overall stress level of each Dupe..


If you enter the specific dupe's info, under their needs, hovering over stress gives you the percentages of what increases and decreases your dupe's stress at that current time. From there, you can decide what to do. I just wish that info was more easily accessed by having that option to be shown where your dupe's overall stress levels for the colony is shown.

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