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LAN major lag and cannot see friend sever

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Hi guys, i hope that you can help me with this problem. Me and my 3 others friends just recently brought don't starve and i am the only one who can host the sever because if others hosting it, everyone simply cannot see it. Even then, my friends still cannot enjoy the game because my sever was too lag (our internet here is kinda potato). So we try switching to LAN, with cables but the lags continue, and we still cannot see each others sever (i did turn the option to local network). My laptop specs is:
I7 5500u
GTX 950M
Hope you guys can help us, we really enjoy the game but the lag kills all the fun. Sorry for my english

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18 minutes ago, Akrone said:

When one of your friends is host, have they tried to invite you through the Steam chat?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, we did try that, and that is the only way for us to connect to each others sever. However it does lag horribly and my sever ping does not show, it goes as ????

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