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The tragic tale of the rat party

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Please dont ask about the name of my colony it was my friends idea


It all happened so fast....where to begin......

The dupes came out of the printer. Of course I start digging. But then......the beginning of the horrible events that will occur for these colonists (bonus ducks)

there was water above the printer. A one block thick layer dividing water from air.

*crackle* *fwooosh blub blub*

Two minutes in. Everything floods


Panicked i do the only thing I know how to do. Dig.

Maybe i can find paradise! I did not find paradise 

*takes sip of water*

just toxic air. I accept my fate. No hope, no air, no food. I build my own graves


And I lock myself into the toxic air to rot.

A few cycles pass. Then....


Dan fell into the ground....BECAUSE SCIENCE DUH, Dan suffocates and dies

I dig deeper


Starving, sick, flooded. Yet still digging 


Poor dupes. They were forced to live in this horrid world generation. Why couldn't the water just be under them! Why! 


Have any dramatic ways you lost a colony? Share your story here!

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