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Fabricate "until you have X"

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"Forever" doesn't really work well for well-supplied colonies. What would be great would be a "until you have X" option, with a number you pick - 10, 20, 50, whatever.

The ideal version of this would probably also include an option like Rimworld's Crafting Hysteresis mod, which lets you turn on/off a crafting job based on your current inventory. So, for example, you could have "until you have 100" mush bars, but set it to a minimum threshold of 50—so that if you have over 50, the crafting job is turned off, but if you drop under 50, it's turned on until you have 100, and then turned off again.

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Agree, the crafting menu needs some improvement. Being able to chain more than 6 things would be great too. 

Also, it seems that if you have a "do forever" recipe in front of the queue and not enough ingredients, it will just wait and not pass on other recipes. 

Which is sad, you would want to be able to tell a microbe musher to make as much lice food as it can, and switch to mushbars once out of lice by having the two recipes on forever but currently it just stops once out of lice. 

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Yup This thought was on my list, saved me a post. why im reading over the forum first. An internal priority for making a tasked more complex food item asap when components get made would be nice too.
I rarely got Fried mush bar produced when I set them all to keep making them, Yeah I could task one at 8 other at 9 But when the Dups are about to starve changing them off 9 resulted in null food productions or trying to spend several minute retaking thing just to go re-task them again. Only when I had 4 active cooks[2mush makers 1 deep fryer] did they produce up the line in any consistence, then they would still get pulled to other task on high priority sometimes or never got back after a bathroom break. Or a few times make a fried bar for themselves then eat and not get back. Greedy things aren't they.

Speaking of the fryer, you got to clean those every few day with high turnover....waste oil or contaminated H2o from cleaning as you strain used oil to reuse most the time until it degrades to far. In the kitchen we actually keep a few cups of 'old' oil to add back in after clarifying it for flavor and chemical food science reasons, think like seasoning cast iron cookware. o-o crit fail idea, Dup falls in colony get food surplus, Soylent-Dup anyone?

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