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Liquid Flow Issues

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Not sure if the liquids are working as intended ATM, but they aren't completely flowing downhill or off ledges. Most will flow, but there is always about 60-80g of liquid left over that forms a puddle on the floor above it. Assuming this isn't a bug, it makes base cleanup very challenging, but could be intended to punish bad base management, IDK. If it was up to me, I'd have it flow completely. Still having fun with it thought.

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My main issue with liquids, after my first play through, is that :

  • They don't mix well. I accidentally got contaminated water dropped in my main water reservoir (oops), and it acted pretty weird. The contaminated water and fresh water didn't mix, they interacted in a weird way that made it jump around.
  • In a similar way, near the end of my game as my dupes were vomiting everywhere, some of my 2 tiles high corridors became "flooded" by just a few hundred grams of water. I think it should've been on the ground, but it connected the 2 tiles as if the room was full.
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