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having issue on worlds pass 200+

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I find out DCHP on my router limits my  gameplay with my boyfriend and we start to lag . I was wondering if its even possible to add it ATT uverse firewall protocol, but i cant find the program now the protocol to bypass the limitations , i did this long ago for Civ 5 and now dont starve i cant find anywhere what the "protocl it could be and i dont want to use hosting service like ubunto i just want it to be straight to my computer and his laptop . 

Application Profile Name
Create Application Definition
Protocol TCPUDP
Port (or Range) FromTo
Protocol Timeout TCP default 86400 seconds, UDP default 600 seconds
Map to Host Port Default/blank = same port as above
Application Type  

 this is how it looks like but the application type its based on the info i put. Please any help on this


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From ToNiO's guide:

A UDP port between 10998 and 11018 (inclusive) for each server ("server" being a world instance, ie. world with caves will need 2 ports open). This one is mandatory.

There are other ports for communication with Steam servers, but those are optional and don't impact performance IMHO.

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