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Suggestion: Active heat transfer

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Given that I didn't notice any block capable of directing heat (in the same way a fridge directs heat out of itself), I figured I would suggest it.

Ideally it should consume X heat from one side and spew out X + n heat on the other side (n being tied to power use), and should also come with some blocks that offer good insulation to allow creating controlled environments for crops (it was mentioned that they would be sensitive to heat/pressure) or duplicants (maybe a temperature sweet spot that reduces stress, or to avoid extremes).

Optionally it should also include the ability to pick the in/out directions (which should be opposites), as well as either a target temperature or a transfer rate. Being able to make a self-regulating device would also be nice, by having some sort of thermometer block and something that can toggle either devices or power lines.

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Actually, I think it was said during the twitch reveal that there are airconditioning systems. And on the screenshots on the Steam page you can see blocks surrounding the coal generators which look different and are most likely insulating.

What I've seen so far however makes me believe that the game flaunts the first law of thermodynamics with the devices that evaporate water to reduce the temperature. Because the water vapor seems to disappear with it (water is definitely not a closed loop resource), the game basically removes energy from an isolated system.

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