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  1. This seems to have to do with a bug involving the general tracking of critters, both wild and tamed on the map. These are missing from the graphs in the colony summary, their entries are missing from daily status and they aren't checked for the Critter Whisperer achievement.
  2. The critters graphs in the Colony Summary panel remain empty. Also the critter category is missing from the Daily Reports. Finally, the Critter Whisperer achievement steps are no longer tracked and is unachievable. However this is only for new games that are started AFTER the 'Big Merge Update'. Older games still all have this data available, but it is no longer updated when it changes.
  3. Also Barbeque is now missing from the options, even when you have it 'discovered'.
  4. Personally, I much prefer the giants to be kept as the original seasonal hazards to your base and the world's resources that needed to be countered. I severely dislike them being turned into raid bosses to be cheesed for their 'endgame' ingredients by a few knowledgeable players but to be simply ignored by everyone else.
  5. Yeah, traps need a serious nerf. Why the hell does it instantly kill spiders anyway? It should just trap them, giving you time to fight fewer spiders at once, while they slowly destroy the traps. Also, while Wickerbottom might be awesome lategame with her books, on public servers she's one of the hardest character to play with because the constant sanity drain from ghosts is very taxing without the option to sleep and she can't recoup sanity with tier 1 inventions.
  6. I've noticed the sound when opening and closing the map is gone. Did that happen the latest update?
  7. Pretty much everything I mentioned would require either extremely simple tweaking of stats (the growing speed of trees) or some mere alteration of attributes (pigs viewing spider dens as a threat).I've spent the last few days digging through the game's LUA files and I'm positive that even new mechanics like hungy Pigs plundering farms or Beefalos grazing grass, the behavior and mechanics for it would require little more than relatively simple adaptation of code for already existing features.Small investments of programming that would have a considerable impact for some min-maxed player strategies that now go virtually unchallenged.
  8. It's interesting to see how the game has finally managed to turn away from 'Stop Underestimating Monsters' to the core gameplay mechanic that gave it its name. And the ironic part is, that this is basically the result from making the combat harder, because now you either need allies like a pig militia, which comes at a high food cost themselves (and are likely to nom your spoils of war as well), or requires a lot of preparation like bee mines, cutting into your time foraging.And that's what this game desperately needs more of: consequences for some of the choices of tactics and tools that provide too many benefits for too little cost. When an unbalance between the pros and cons make the decision an obvious one, a strategic choice becomes more of a mandatory chore instead.For instance: the game doesn't force the player to chose between living close by a steady supply of wood, grass and twigs, of menure, of pig-militia, and a lot of farms and berry bushes. If you're lucky you can even have some rabbits and spiders close by too. Not even winter can effectively hamper this operation once set up, meaning end-game death is still going to be caused by combat.This is because many of these individual elements lack sufficient soft counters caused by each other. Hungry pigs and rabbits should plunder your farms, Beefalos should eat your grass, trees should grow too slow to provide a continuous local supply of wood, pig villages should actively destroy nearby spider dens and in turn, spiders should scare off Beefalo herds.In the same way there are too many choices that are not presented with enough benefit or consequence. Eating food raw is simply never a viable choice. Cooking with the crockpot should require a operating cost of charcoal instead of a negligible lump-sump construction cost. Fishing is pretty much a waste of time, exploration of swamps is hardly worth the risk and flints are so abundant, golden tools are just for the bling (though the same goes for gold).Ugh... a lot longer then I intended. Anyway, yes, combat can be more varied. But perhaps people are discussing this so much is simply because the rest of the game is still way too easy.
  9. Ah, yes. I seemed to have missed that thread. :flustered:Considering the extreme moddability of this game, the mod community for this game is likely going to be huge, keeping the game alive and players enthusiast for many future DLCs, long beyond the average life-expectancy for smaller 'indy' games like these.Besides good modding tools, Klei could certainly stimulate this by adding a good mod-manager and integration into Steam Workshop.
  10. As part of supporting the mod community, will Klei release tools so we can start working with the more complicated TEX files handling animations or UI? The community's compilation tool existing now, is limited to some simple menu portraits, I think.If I understand correctly these files are made in Flash and then compiled by a custom Python script written by Klei and generally things like these are not shared so freely. But without it, the amount of actual new content that the community can add, remains quite limited.
  11. Perhaps it's time for Klei to add a separate day counter to the UI instead of the fugly white letters on top of the clock.
  12. No I mean the crows and redbirds being all over the place, easily farmable with boomerangs.I think they should again drop a feather AND a morsel, but make them spawn less frequently (unless wearing the feather hat or using seeds) and evade the boomerang when flung too far away. Want to catch birds? Use the traps and seeds (and even then, the spawn should be toned down).
  13. Would have been better to do something about the silly bird spawn instead. =/
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72874 Issue title Invisible 'trunk' after chopping withered tree Steps to reproduce Chop down a withered tree (normal tree in last stage of cycle). Describe your issue The typical firewood-shaped stack that's supposed to be the tree trunk for this stage in the cycle is invisible when chopped down. It can however still be dug up with the shovel, pressing the spacebar.