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DST: The Tropics [Little amount of Islands + New Content]

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[DISCLAIMER: This post is a plan for a mod that's highly unlikely to see the light of day. Don't get your hopes up.]

This mod is unrelated to Ksizor's Islands Adventures mod, which adds Islands, this one integrates SW content into the world by using what's available.


Shipwrecked Biomes:




50% chance for Rocky Beach (new assets)

High chance for Gekkos

*Shares Turf with Desert*



Again, the same, with Snake health doubled for Together.


Magma Field: 

Dragonfly Arena is moved here, but for the most part it's the same.



No Eye Deer now spawn here. Small chance for Evergreen Trees.

Bee Queen spawns here.


Changed Biomes:



Turf alternates between Marsh/Tidal akin to the Desert having Barren and Desert turf.

Stuff from both marshes can spawn all over it though. 

Fishermerms stay on the Beach.



Palm Trees are added to the Desert

Sandy Turf (Beach) is used in the Desert & Around the Oasis

Brand new Biomes:


Rocky Beach:


Beach with a new Turf

No Plants

Higher chance of Limpet Rocks



Spawns as it's own Island

Inhabited by Pengulls through Autumn to Spring

Always cold, except in Summer (360-ish?)

Uninhabitable during Winter (720+)

A secret Sinkhole beneath the Ice. Who knows what's inside? (literally just read below)


Glacier Caves:

Some kind of raid boss

Vibrant world beneath the ice

Sectioned off from the rest of the caves by a size-able abyss.

Nox live here with a drinking hole.



Volcano Biomes:


Volcano (now Lava Caves):

Moved to the caves

Lavae inhabit the Lava Caves

Krampi inhabit the Lava Caves




Hails on first few days of Spring, rains until last few.

Puddles form during the rain



Sandstorm covers the Surface world

No wildfires

Heat reduced

Glacier becomes Barren as the ice melts, revealing what lurks below.



Wind is increased

Trees lose their leaves for Winter (2nd Autumn onward)



Trees have no leaves and drop slightly less

Glacier Island drops to unlivable levels.





Shoes & Booties:



Cutie Booties:

Put two pairs on your Beefalo to make them FABULOUS

Blueprint fished out of the Glacier Caves Drinking Hole

Recipe: 2 Pig skin, 2 Roses

"Adorable, but useless!"


Logi's Boots:

Made at Volcano Altar.

Can't be put on Beefalo

Recipe: 1 Cutie Booties, 2 Obsidian

"Forged from flames!"

Protect you from Cold, 180 protection. (half a beefalo hat)


Running Shoes:

Putting one pair on your Beefalo is 5% increase!

Two is 20%!

20% faster

Lasts 5 days

Recipe: Beefalo Fur x2, Charcoal, Rope

"Scratchy enough to make you run!"


Dapper Daps:

Sanity increase of a Garland

Can't be put on a Beefalo

Lasts 10 days

Recipe: 2 Silk, 2 Charcoal

"The most dapper of daps!"


Crockpot Recipes:



1x Royal Jelly, 2x Bottle, 1x Fruit


Makes 2 bottles of "<fruit> Medicine" - the colour is decided by the fruit too, but it's cosmetic.

Night-mare Drops:



Allow a domesticated Beefalo to carry 8 stacks, 4 in each bag.


6 Cloth, 2 Rope, 1 Bag Thing


Allows you to use two domesticated Beefalo to pull a carriage for two people. In heat they'll kick the carriage.


Add 2 "Wheel Things" to repair the "Chassis Thing" on the surface world after repairing it with four boards. When the durability of the wheels wears out, the Chassis Thing will fall to the ground and break again.



Things are used in special recipes, such as the Saddlebags or Carriage.

Chassis Thing - Found on the Surface World

Wheel Thing - Fished out of Oasis

Bag Thing - Fished out of Drinking Hole



Diseased plants now have two phases:

Phase one:

They will give diseased stuff

Handling diseased resources for a day will poison you.

Eating diseased food will poison you (Disease, not food. Can stack with food.)


Phase two:

It dies after 3 days and becomes the new thing.



Poison comes in many forms this time:

Food Poisoning


Food Poisoning has a 33% chance to occur when you eat Stale Food, 66% when Spoiled.

This chance is halved if it's a Crockpot meal.


It lasts one day and deducts 2 health every 10 seconds.


It can be cured by Snake Oil or Medicine.

Venom Poisoning


Venom Poisoning has a 100% chance to affect you if you are bitten or gassed by a poison cloud.


It lasts 3 days, and works like SW poisoning.

It can be cured by Antivenom, Venom Glands or Snake Oil.

Disease Poisoning


Disease affects you after 1 day handling items, or eating diseased food.


It lasts 2 days and works like SW poisoning (starting from Day 2 to 3)


It can be cured by Medicine.





Ancient Guardian - Stays the same

Deerclops - Stays the same

Bearger - Stays the same

Bee Queen - Moved to the Meadow, otherwise the same.

Dragonfly - Moved to the Magma Field, otherwise the same.

Klaus - Moved to the Glacier, otherwise the same.

Goose/Goose - Stays the same

Palm Treeguard - Stays the same.

Quacken - Raid Boss, Ship Graveyard.

Sealnado - Raid Boss, Coral Reef.

Spider Queen - Stays the same.

Sharkitten- Summer Boss

Toadstool - Stays the same.

Treeguard - Stays the same.


New bosses:



A Shadow Mule:

It has the appearance of a mule with Saddle Bags, alas in Shadow Form.

Raid boss for Glacier Caves.



Teleport behind you and charge like a Rook

Kick you with it's hind legs

Spit at you



Either a Saddlebags or Carriage Blueprint



Edited by AFatCat
Finished, until I come up with new biomes.
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