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Orphaned unnamed resource.

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Serpens    570


I want to play with some mods. To make sure all the mods does work without bugs, I check the client_log file.

One time it happend that there was an error that looked serious (while creating a new world), it was :


Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager. 

Unfortunately I deleted the logfile already (see next post) and I'm not able to reproduce this error, although I activated all the mods that were active when this error happend =/

So maybe it is an error not related to any mods? Google shows that this error accured quite often in 2015, so maybe someone of you knows when this error is triggered in general?

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Joachim    351

I get this error a lot too. Not sure what it means, but I get it even when the game seems working. Correct me if I am wrong, though. I have seen this so much while testing that I am not 100% sure.

If it works despite this error, then I would just ignore it for the time being and keep it in mind for later. Unless someone else knows more about it.

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DarkXero    2893

This error doesn't have anything to do with mods, and it is also ancient.

It is also linked to dependencies it seems, because I applied the same code as before to remove meat from prefab dependencies, and the orphaned unknown resources that referenced meat disappeared.

So there are maybe other resources, maybe related to UI, that do the same and causes this.

For you, nothing to worry about.

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