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  1. Umm. It would be nice if you at least gave credit to the work of other modders. We invested a lot of time in our mods after all. Not to mention that my friend, Snook-8, designed those beavers. I do not think that she would appreciate that you used her work like that. You present it entirely as your own and this does not do justice to the work Snook-8 has done. Sure, ultimately the beaver's fundamental design has been made by the Klei staff, but that does not mean that we should disregard each other's work within the modding community simply because a common base was used to design the beaver.
  2. It seems to have been resolved after around 30 - 45 minutes. I still would like to know your opinion on this, whether this is desired behavior from the mod tools application.
  3. Hi, It appears that I can no longer upload any mods. I have done this many times before without problems, so I am familiar with the workflow. I am getting the error code k_EResultBusy = 10. I believe it is caused by the fact that I closed the mod tools prematurely while uploading, because I noticed I forgot something and didn't want to wait it out. Now I regret this, because the uploading process seems to be stuck. I have filed this as a bug, because I do not think that this is correct behavior. Is there any way to reset this? Thanks in advance. - Jochem (Log is included as an attachment)
  4. = Hi @Ipsquiggle, Unfortunately, I still get the problem with one of my mods (as of June 3, 2018). It does have custom presets, locations, task sets, etc. Could this have any impact on it? I would think so. Any idea how to fix this? [00:00:43]: WARNING: Failed to cache WorldGen data for server listing. Data size (5501) exceeded max length (5120. - Jochem
  5. - The size of the coffee cups is indeed not what it is supposed to be in Shipwrecked. I could fix this, but I have been told that it looks cute, so I have not touched it since then. If people want it changed, then it takes me around 5 - 10 minutes to fix. - You found me out. I used placeholders for some of the new turfs, and incidentally forgot to give them appropriate names. This will be fixed. - Yes. Coffeebushes currently cannot be fertilized by ashes, nor should they necessarily be placed on ashy turf. I have been thinking about porting this, but there are indeed some difficulties. Nothing that cannot be overcome, but I have not touched it for now, so I can focus on adding other content. - I have no idea what caused two forests to appear. Are you sure this mod caused it? - The prefab for magmafield turf is turf_magma by the way. Perhaps I should rename it.
  6. Wow, PandoMish. That is really amazing. Thanks so much for testing this so thoroughly and showing what works and what doesn't. This is extremely helpful. I am writing a response now.
  7. OMG! The cat mob! I didn't know there was a design for that. SO AWESOME. PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING.
  8. I am experiencing the exact same problem with my own mod (Multi-Worlds DST). I get the following error when I subscribe to the beta: [00:00:43]: [string "scripts/prefabswaps.lua"]:186: attempt to index upvalue '_inactive_prefabs' (a nil value) However, without the beta, everything works fine. Still, it sucks because it means that sooner or later my mod will stop working when the beta becomes the main branch, and I am already getting some complaints by people that they are no longer able to use my mod (because hey, they want to play with the new features of the beta). I would love to see a solution for this. I think a lot of other mods are affected too. Probably any mod that does something with setpieces / static_layouts is affected by this, and this somehow relates to the (obsolete?) prefabswaps. Could anyone look into this? I am pretty sure it is not something I or @Lumina did. @PeterA, could you help out here? Lots of love, Joachim
  9. I can vouch for @Arlesienne. Her quotes are professional and blend in with the original content very well.
  10. I use Sublime too and it is one of my favorite code editors. I also use Eclipse for Java, but I am not sure if Eclipse has Lua support.
  11. 1. Subscribe to the mod and make sure it is downloaded in your mods folder. 2. Copy the mod folder and rename it to something else. 3. Start editing.
  12. If you want your character to gain sanity during dusk and night only, then you can simply do this: if not TheWorld.state.iscaveday then -- Sanity gain code end
  13. That's strange, because I see fractions being used everywhere in the shader files.