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A Boss That Self Heals

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Alright, don't butcher me, I'm not talking about giving Dragonfly or something like that(with that much hp) the ability to self heal.

I mean, a boss, that's built in a way so that at least 1 person needs to actually fight the boss, and the other needs to make sure that the boss' method/place/whatever of self healing, is inacessible.

Say, using the giant Frog thing that was shown on the last DST stream, that when its damaged enough, the boss would hop into a giant pond or a lake near the point where it exists, or create gas from the mushrooms on itself, and doing so would self heal temporarily.

Now, this could be prevented by either in some way making the lake inacessible somehow(say, freezing it), or aggroing the frog when it tries to heal(Needs to be done in a way where it can't be easily exploited though). 

IMO it could make for a fun fight, with players either focusing on stopping the boss from healing, on fighting it, or on using the healing time to heal themselves and then continue the fight. 

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