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There are things that were mentioned before, but got buried in the forums. And as the game finalizes, I felt the need to resurface them so that they aren't overlooked. These annoy me greatly, because they are not coherent within the game itself, which breaks the immersion.

Fish Jam

Recipes that accept no meats, do not exclude fishes. 3 fish morsels and any fruit makes fistful of jam. This is inconsistent within the game. Fishes are considered meat, they can be used to befriend pigs and spiders (Webber), and Wigfrid can eat them. But a recipe that is made of 75% fish, does not count as meat, which makes no sense. This is should be a trivial fix, just to add no-fish requirement wherever no-meat requirement exists (I don't think there are any exceptions).

Puddles from the Ocean

Puddles can spawn on the ocean. This was mentioned as intentional. Puddles are essentially pools of water contained by the land around them. You can't have a pool of water contained by water. If they are meant to represent the sea level rising, that mechanic should be tides, which uniformly affect all land. Puddle affecting a portion of the land suggests that part of the land is lower, but then the tides should also go there first.


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Yeah, the one about puddles forming on water is ridiculous. I had mosquitos spawning in deep ocean!

I'm not sure about the fish jam though. There's no reason not to change it, yes, but then again last time I checked having 1 purple steak and some ice didn't make meatballs either.

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