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  1. Do you mean that you have placed it and it didn't place, but you lost the ability to place it again (by selecting the already built crock pot from the crafting bar)?
  2. Ooookay.. Now the days are going backwards. I just loaded the save again. I had saved it at day 401, it loaded at day 399. Immediately saved and loaded again. It stayed stable at 399. In each save and load I quit the game and restart it.
  3. I have seen other people hit this problem. In those, people were ditching hounds on islands that they'd never visit again. So it is a bit of a theory that hounds attacking you (but cannot reach you) may be causing the issue. You may try entering/existing the volcano. I'm not familiar with the console commands, but the wiki has some information on it, you may be able to find something there (such as count # hounds)
  4. Did you, by any chance leave an island with land hounds attacking you (and they are still alive)?
  5. So weird. I've tried again today, it worked fine. Maybe fixed in todays patch? Or it could be affected by something else. Anyway, Will let you know if I see this again.
  6. Day 310-something or maybe 320 something, not exactly sure. Hurricane season. I decide to get more cacti from the volcano, drink my coffee, equip my walking stick then make my way to the volcano. I traveled and arrived during the night. Once inside the Volcano, make it to my mini-base, place the bird cage I was holding on to as the day arrives. To my surprise, despite it being hurricane season I find all the elephant cacti active. I kill one myself, decide that it isn't worth wasting armor on it, so lure some dragoons nearby to kill 2 more, dig them up. It s almost dusk, so I leave the volcano as the dusk arrives. Yet, I'm surprised again. It was (almost?) dusk when I was leaving, but when I was out it was bright day light. I look at the clock, which now shows day 400, early morning. I go to my base, check perishables, nothing has turned into rot, so they definitely didn't advance forward 80 days. Edit: I sent a link to a copy of my saved game to "CapyChristian" in a forum message. This is after the issue, unfortunately I don't have one from before. Also to add to above. The saved same in the game menus also show 400+ days.
  7. It doesn't look like boomerangs can be caught while on water.
  8. I thought this got fixed in the last patch (not mentioned in the patch notes), but it is broken again now. Was it fixed in 23 and reintroduced in 24?
  9. from knightboat_cannonshot.lua, line 33: if v.components.combat and v ~= inst then --For now I want knight boats to kill eachother v.components.combat:GetAttacked(thrower, TUNING.KNIGHTBOAT_DAMAGE) end from combat.lua, line 902 (area attack): for i,ent in ipairs(ents) do if ent.components.combat and ent ~= target and ent ~= self.inst and self:CanAreaHitTarget(ent) and (not validfn or validfn(ent)) then self.inst:PushEvent("onareaattackother", {target = target, weapon = weapon, stimuli = stimuli}) ent.components.combat:GetAttacked(self.inst, self:CalcDamage(ent, weapon, self.areahitdamagepercent), weapon, stimuli) hitcount = hitcount + 1 end end CanAreaHitTarget function has a bunch of checks, one of which is this: or (target:HasTag("shadow") and not self.inst.components.sanity) This prevents anything without sanity component to attack any shadow creature. So the problem is that get attacked being called directly, as opposed to having it routed through the combat component to do the proper checks. This problem exists with most new delayed ranged attacks that do aoe damage, including palm treeguards, or Wilbur manure throw (basically any code that looks like the top code fragment), which may be easier to repro. the code I was talking about last time seems to have been removed, so I guess that wasn't the proper way.
  10. The effectiveness is also reduced during dusk and night.
  11. Similar problem exists with jungle tree seeds. Place them on the ground, light them on fire, extinguish them with a flingomatic. Log out, log in, you have a bunch of saplings now.
  12. It never had a separate icon. Maybe it was a mod you were using?
  13. There are supposedly (according to code) 4 bees in a beebox. However, double that number seems to spawn when beeboxes are disturbed while the bees are already out. Same thing happens for the beehives as well. At the beginning of the same game I attacked bees from a hive, and found myself surrounded by 12 bees. So, here is a screenshot of my total 2 bee boxes with 9 bees on screen (there are bees more off screen, I've counted 5 more):
  14. Sometimes the puddles that were previously stopped expand to their maximum size, without the sandbag being removed. This may be related to some sandbags changing orientation after they are placed. They seemed fine when I loaded the game, but they got back to this state after leaving the vicinity for a few days and coming back: I've also seen this bug repro on a youtube video in earlier versions of the game (This is before the woodlegs update, the sandbag by the chiminea mafunctions):
  15. The decals for the craters are rendered on top of the character image: