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Castaway character idea (obviously for Shipwrecked)

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I haven't quite perused all of the DS mods, and so maybe it's already out there, but is there a mod for a character similar to Tom Hanks's role in the movie Castaway? Specifically after he's been on the island for a while? I think being able to play as him would be perfect for Shipwrecked. When I first heard of SW I thought it sounded like if Castaway and Don't Starve crossed into one glorious survival game. 

If the character doesn't exist, I figure his features would be fairly simple.

He'd be able to grow a beard, he's have a volley ball that could be crafted into "Wilson" (basically like Wigstan in the Grok the Caveman mod), and he might have some bonus to fishing or trapping or something. 

He'd look pretty tan, would just have that one loincloth he wears in the movie, and he's have long, dirtyish hair. His comments could even reference the movie.

Either way, I think it would be a lot of fun. I'd make it myself, but I don't even know lua, and so I'm a ways off from doing any mods. 

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