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Mod help - spawning followers

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Hi all.

Sorry if this has been posted already but I couldn't find it anywhere, but i need help with a character I'm making.

I've done the visual stuff for my character, so now id like to start working on his perks. Id like my character to be able to spawn up to three followers by using an item, but i'm new to modding and cant find a tutorial for writing the code for this anywhere. If anyone can link a tutorial or a guide that i've missed it would be greatly appreciated.

Id also like to be able to give them items (spear, axe, etc) so they can assist in tasks, but I can work on that at a later date, for now I just want to be able to get the followers to spawn in game and follow my character.

Thanks in advance.

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You might be interested in (M/W)axwell's character ability to spawn followers that help him with tasks.







His special ability is to use the waxwelljournal item to spawn shadowwaxwell clones of himself that help him chop, attack, and mine all at the cost of his maximum sanity and some nightmarefuel.


Mind you shadowwaxwell entities automatically have the required items to help with the tasks, so if you want to limit them based on the items given then you'll want to edit the brain to have checks for the inventory contents as well as editing in a trader component to accept the items given.

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Ill have a look into that, thanks.

Edit: not gonna lie, i really don't understand any of that, if anyone with more modding experience than me could help make sense of it, it would be very helpful.

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