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I've been playing Don't Starve for some time and it's awesome (first thread also, hello!). However, i feel there should be an "earlier" weapon in the game, the spear takes 130 research points and that takes a while to get them. Why not have an earlier weapon or somenthing? Give your opinions.

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Well even if that is the case, a lower tier weapon would still have to be worse than a spear so I doubt it would be much more effective.

Correct. Tools are only minorly less effective than the spear. Rather, have you unlocked the log suit? I found that the fastest way to acquire RP (for now...) is to locate graves, feed the pig king (i.e. gold ore), or mine boulders for gold ore. Then feed this into the science machine.

As a consolation, the research system will be changing this month. The point system will be removed and a new system installed. That may help you acquire the spear faster.

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