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  1. The idea is to slow and advance different effects, and give you a bit more time to prepare for an even longer night. So really, It is just to make the game longer and such. Negative effects would be doubled, instead of the .5% difference as the positive effects. But thanks a bunch for the Sleeping Thumbs up. You get Hat tip.
  2. Winston H. Black The Time Lord "Sometimes, I am on time when I'm late." G'day, MM here. I decided to make a newer character suggestion. I present to you, Winston H. Black! Hence his title, you may think that he would have something to do with time. Bingo. His perks would consist of a longer Day/Night cycle, and things would respawn/grow/die faster. Example, say, a spider's nest would grow 1.5x its original rate, and regenerate spiders 2x as fast as well. Berry Bushes would generate berries 1.5x faster, but food and flower spoilage would advance 2x its original rate. In a nutshell, positive effects would be advanced by 1.5%, and negative effects would be doubled. such effects would apply to sanity as well, but only by 1.5%. Sincerely, Maxwell's Man
  3. Two Words. Time Lord.I mean, if anyone is on board, I would make a post or something
  4. In reply to of mobius' original reply, I believe there should be springs, instead of wells. And, even then, you would need a.. pump! Yes, a pump of sorts to be able to be able to draw water. If this were the case, I would suggest a recipe of 4 Planks, and 3 Reeds.
  5. Until then, Using the artifacts from the grave provide a TON of RP on their own, so there would be no need for pigs.
  6. Great artwork! also, I had a bit of an off topic question. could you draw concept art for my character suggestion? If you find it noteworthy, Please send me a private message.
  7. Warner G. Billingsworth "The Archnologist" "An eye for an eye, but spiders have alot of eyes." Good day, your pal MM here. A while back, I mentioned a new character Idea. I realized all characters had to start with a W, and so I revised the possible effects of the character and name. You can find the original thread in "Similar Threads". The Idea was to create a character with spider related perks. I have created a revised version. Warner could have two passive perks. He could hit spiders in their weak points when using tools and weapons, dealing more damage to Arachnid enemies (Possibly 20% more.) The second, is that spiders come to aid Warner in battle, and then leave, providing temporary allies. The Magic Umbrella "I'm pretty sure I heard of this once." The effect for the Magic Umbrella would be an alternate method of transportation. When equipped, the character would fly among the fowl, without a care in the world. Every 1.5 seconds, it would use up 1%. If it runs out mid-flight, massive damage would be inflicted upon the character. The recipe would consist of 8 Reeds, 8 Silk, and 4 Nightmare Fuel.
  8. William would be a great first name in my opinion, If I has to be a W. and its really just a suggestion. If anyone can give me some constructive criticism, that would be much abliged.
  9. I've played Don't Starve for a while now, and perhaps a newer character would be necessary. I had an Idea of a character who could have an ability with spiders, and make it easier to collect silk. In combat, maybe have a 60% chance of getting a couple of spiders to help in battle, and in the presence of spiders, they might have a chance at dropping silk whenever he gets near one. Another suggestion would be a magic umbrella, where you use 7 sticks, and 8 silk, and a Red jewel for a one-time use fast travel to any location on the map.
  10. As food may be scarce for some people (Especially meats,) Some might not want to employ the help of a "Pig," or find it too risky to capture bees for a "Bee Mine." So why not consider a third defense option? Walls. So, maybe, with a few boards (or a vast number of stones in this case,) we could create a wall of some kind to defend our camps from the evil boars/spiders/tallbirds of the night. I have a few bad experiences with board charging into my camp and killing me out of nowhere in the middle of the night, and scaring the living daylights out of me. So I hope that you fine fellows may consider my ideas. Your drone, MM
  11. When a game "saves," it saves your Technological progress, not Physical progress. if you start a new game instead of starting a new world, you will retry on the same map. if you restart on a new world, the game will generate a new world for you to survive on. if you want to re-spawn with the same game, with all your camp and gear, research and craft a "Meat Effigy" to create a one time use spawn point.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Magic Floating Tab Steps to reproduce 1- Create Science Machine/Alchemy Engine 2- Open any research tab 3- repeat step 2 until a description tab rudely blocks field of vision Describe your issue Sometimes, when I use the science machine (Haven't tried with Alchemy engine, but most likely happens with that,) While browsing some of the fine collections of research-able items, a tab describing an item blocks a big chunk of the research tab. the research options above the specific items are perfectly visible, but any items below it are impossible to read its description, and I sadly end up wasting my science on something I don't want. Your Drone, MM