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Checking types of rocks

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I'm trying to check the type of a variable. If the player starts mining the rock with a golden tool, the rock will change it's LootTable to a better one. I already have most of the code done. I've already done it with trees, and it that works perfectly. The problem with rock is that I cannot check what type the rock is.

With trees I can easily check the growth of it, and set the loot table according to that.

With rocks, I tried setting a local variable in the top:

local rocktype = ""

And then in each initialization of rocks I would set the rocktype:

local function rock1_fn()
    local inst = baserock_fn("rock", "rock", "full")

    if not TheWorld.ismastersim then
        return inst

    rocktype = "rock1"

    return inst

Although I now have a sneaking suspicion that this variable isn't as local as I thought, and that the last rock ever initialized is what sets the type of all the rocks, because everytime I mine a rock, it has the same type, no matter how it looks in game. And that type differs on each server I create. One time it drops gold. Another time it only drops rocks.

So, if I'm right and that variable isn't as local as I thought, what can I do? Is there a good way to check what type of rock this is?

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It seems to me that you want to check the name of the prefab, i.e. the value of inst.prefab. For rocks it's one of rock1, rock2, rock_flintless, rock_flintless_med, rock_flintless_low, rock_moon.

Well, rocktype defined outside the function like that is indeed local (in regard to the file, so it's not global as in part of _G table), but it's not local in regard of particular instance of a prefab, it's shared between all instances; it's more akin to class field.

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Aha! Thank you for the answer.

Can I then write inst.prefab.name or will inst.prefab return the string I'm looking for?


Another question: How can I declare a variable that is only assigned to the prefab itself, if the declaring of the prefab happens in the bottom of the script? (Lua seems to handle declaring variables in a weird way that I'm not used to from Java or c#)


EDIT: Did a short amount of testing. Just using inst.prefab as a string was enough to return the name of it. Yay! Thanks! Can you still answer me the other question?

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Since Lua is a dynamic language, you can assign field to a prefab instance simply by inst.varname = <value> within rock1_fn. This technically won't create a local variable, it will set given value to index "varname" of associative array inst.

Also, a prefab is just a class (Class being defined in class.lua) that creates prefab instances via assigned factory method (in this case rock1_fn).

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1 hour ago, Maris said:

Make your mod compatible with Mineable Gems please.

Thanks. :)

What if I instead just added an option for gems to pop from rocks?

The thing is, this mod is quite a bit bigger than just rocks. It is supposed to being a balance mod, to a lot of stuff, so having other mods enabled that also try to balance will kind of defeat the purpose.

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