Hell (my suggjestion for 3D 'n' stuff)

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Hello there!

So, i've got an idea how the 3d hell could work. It would be like the "overworld", but instead of water, there could be magma, or some sort of other liquid, that would solve the walls problem!

There could be little volcanos that would errupt magma, or maybe some volcanic mobs (volcano lizard or sumthin). When they would errupt, they would release whatever you decide, and also some smoke, whitch could be going up to the "sky", and creating black smoke clouds that would solve the celing problem! Maxwell could also have his castle there, or maybe there would be demon pigs with a castle, also maybe some other flying mobs (succubus or something).

IF the admins of Klei Inertament Forum like this idea, i could try to draw some of it, and maybe other ideas! ;-)

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