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Modded Character Revival Support - Shovel Knight

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Hey! This is simple, I need someone to look at this log.txt and tell me what I need to change. I can provide more files if needed and am currently using a modified version of the Shovel Knight by BLsquared & Jade_KnightBlazer. I simply need to know why this crash is happening. I have a log file and if files need to be provided they can be. Thanks for the help!


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It's crashing because item is false and it's being treated as table/object.

Going up the stack, item got its false value at scripts/components/inventory.lua:273 by local newitem = self:Unequip(slot), which was replaced with modified version in mods/Shovel Knight Test Build/scripts/prefabs/winston.lua:542.

Having access only to version 0.20.1 on steam workshop, I'd say try replacing return false at (or around) line 543 with return nil.

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