Arctic waters [ lill bit of suggestion ]

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How about the weather effects do change somewhat, depending on the map latitude of the area? 

The map is really big now. And it can be, technically, even bigger. Which is very cool option.

How about we have the high and low waters some sort of "arctic" kind?

Means, if you are up high or way down the map, you have the snow and icebergs during the appropriate season? And (yes!) the Walrus camps somewhere over there.

Though while you camp around the equator you don't have the snow and heavy ice around but have all those storms, monsoons,  mosquitoes etc.

How about making the ICE WALLS in the appropriate climate area?

Might be a nice way to combine the original Don't Starve seasons with Shipwrecked seasons.

Just my 10 cents to the thought.


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