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  1. shadow did you really have to practice your necromantic skills?
  2. *reads post* no he didn't.also, why do you sign your post? your name's right there
  3. wow, really? perhaps they didnt know that on APRIL. sheesh, there should be a thread autolock function to prevent necroposts
  4. "...and as the maddened scholar finished the necromantic ritual. he spoke loudly to his subject, undeath crackling through his words. "POST! RISE FROM THE DEPTHS OF FORUM DEATH""
  5. Some games are not meant for people who just are getting into games. Let him play things that specifically don't have subtle interactions and longterm thought. When he is used to that, slowly introducing him to more complex games will do the trick.
  6. I think there should also be some bonuses if you are extra nice to the pigs, like, when your reputation is on +100% (-100% being the worst you can be), they would eat vegetables from you more often and give you a pigman warrior as a companion.