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[MOD] Sanity Tuner

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Allows you to tune the sanity gain and loss players receive from many things.

Link to Steam DS/RoG/SW version

Link to Steam DST version

Settings Information

Settings are percentages of the rates generated by the original game code, except the day sanity tick, which is normally 0, so instead you can manually change the rate from -10 to 0 to 10 in small increments (0.1 between -1 and 1, and beyond those, in increments of 0.5). 

- Day / dusk / night / dark sanity effects 
- Moisture i.e. wet items 
- Equipped items (dapper) 
- Ghosts 
- Auras (being close to enemies etc). 
- Aura-range is also editable (only works for enemies, I think. Doesn't affect the 'Night Light' structure and such). 

Dapper (item) and aura effect-calculations are split up into positive and negative sanity effects. So for example, you can set all auras that normally GIVE you sanity, to give you more, less or NEGATIVE sanity, by setting a percentage of the positive game-calculated sanity-changes. And the same/reverse for auras that normally make you LOSE sanity (like spiders/shadow creatures). Now you can genuinely looove spiders, and get more sanity by being around them!

Usage notes

a. This is a server mod. It does NOT require all players to have the mod. 
b. Does NOT require you to make a new world before working. 
c. When using a dedicated server, enabling/disabling this mod requires a respawn of all players or a server restart. 
d. The day-tick is 0 by default, so the direct rate can be set, instead of a percentage. 
e. Ghost Effect is only applicable in survival games, as that is the only game mode where ghosts have an effect on sanity. 
f. The mod has been created with compatibility in mind. Characters that have a negative ghost_drain_mult, will not be affected by settings to the ghost effect. Characters that make use of SANITY_GHOST_PLAYER_DRAIN to regain loss from being next to ghosts (like NEZ Dib), should still work. Let me know of any incompatibilities! 

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