[Suggestion] Wildbores should help hack bamboo / vines

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Hacking bamboo gets really tedious in the mid and late game. It would be really nice if you could hire Wildbores to help hack bamboo (and vines I guess, mainly just because they use the same system and there doesn't seem like a good reason to prevent them from being able to get hacked).

Edit: I wrote a small mod to enable this. But I want it to actually get added, so I'm not going to publish it. Here's the code, if it helps it get implemented at all:

AddStategraphActionHandler("wildbore", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.HACK, "chop"))


local function StartHackingCondition(inst)
    return inst.components.follower.leader
		and inst.components.follower.leader.sg
		and inst.components.follower.leader.sg:HasStateTag("hacking")    

local function KeepHackingAction(inst)
    return inst.components.follower.leader
		and inst.components.follower.leader:GetDistanceSqToInst(inst) <= KEEP_HACKING_DIST*KEEP_HACKING_DIST

local function FindThingToHackAction(inst)
    local target = GLOBAL.FindEntity(inst, SEE_HACKABLE_DIST, function(item) return item.components.hackable and item.components.hackable:CanBeHacked() end)
    if target then
        return GLOBAL.BufferedAction(inst, target, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.HACK)

AddBrainPostInit("wildborebrain", function(self)
	local hacknode =
			GLOBAL.IfNode(function() return StartHackingCondition(self.inst) end, "chop", 
                GLOBAL.WhileNode(function() return KeepHackingAction(self.inst) end, "keep chopping",
                        GLOBAL.ChattyNode(self.inst, {"KILL PLANT!", "SMASH MEAN PLANT!", "I PUNCH PLANT!"},
                            GLOBAL.DoAction(self.inst, FindThingToHackAction ))}))

	table.insert(self.bt.root.children[6].children[2].children, 3, hacknode)


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The machete has a BIG advantage of being in SW besides for hacking stuff...Replacement for spear...I mean the spear has become useless except for making a sick stick or gem sticks...However aside from that I first want the soo called House blowing down thing to stop cause its really hard getting pig skins SW...


Forget all that...SMASH  MEAN PLANT!

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