[BUG] This game is messing with my mind


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Since the first time I played SW, I sometimes had messing-with-my-mind moments while managing my inventory. It seemed as if my crafting menu was not completely up to date. But as I couldn't quite determine what was wrong, I just shrugged it off.

However, after seeing another post, that already got buried and that I appearantly am not able to quote from here, I just figured it out:

The crafting tab icons do not turn green anymore, if one of the ingredients is carried in a backpack (or thatch pack or chef pouch or booty bag). So for example, if you have logs, rocks and goldnuggets, but one of those are in your backpack, you won't be informed that you are able to build a science machine, because the science tab icon doesn't turn green.

This also happens with the slots on the cargo boat, although I am not sure if it is intended there.

EDIT: The items have to be picked up from the ground and directly land in your backpack for this to happen.


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