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This is a Character Suggestion for William.


Alternate Design


New Character bio:

William was a man who was just Married to the love of his life Carol, but as they where leaving the church they where run down by a horse, and buggy killing Carol instantly. William awoke in the Clinic in very bad shape. The first question William asked the Doctor was the location of his newly wed wife. The Doctor told him that she had passed away as Soon as they where run down. William was instantly heart broken, and that night William cried himself to sleep. They say he passed away in his sleep do to the intense heart break. Well that's just what they say.....

Health and Hunger

Health: 150

Hunger: 100

What makes William Special?


Williams Heart (Caged)

Can only be Placed in the Armor Slot or Dropped.

When placed in the Armor slot it acts like Log Armor but with 500 Durability

When Dropped Monsters go after it as if it where meat and attack it until it breaks

When Dropped can be Broken with the Hammer but no Materials except Williams Heart are Returned to the player.

Williams Heart

When Williams Heart is not caged He gets some negative effects.

Williams Heart can Not be Stored in Chests or the Backpack.

When in Williams inventory he loses 1 HP Per Second.

When Dropped on the Ground William loses 5 HP Per Second.

When Dropped It can be eaten by a Monster or Pig like Meat, This will result in instant Death For William.

When Placed in the Armor slot Health does not Drain.

To place it back in a new Cage you will have to craft one like so (Bird Cage + Williams Heart = Williams Heart Caged)

Thank you for looking at my suggestion if you need anything cleared up or would like to point out a grammar error or have any feedback to my suggestion let me know, and yes i know the picture quality is terrible i had to use a webcam due to not having a Scanner Currently.

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So basically he gets stronger armor but when that armor breaks he constantly loses health?

Kind of?

I think this is generally a good character idea, however, since it's very hard to stay alive while using him, he should have other perks as well as the one suggested already suggested.

If you have anyway to improve on it just throw your suggestion to my suggestion out there. :D

The game is supposed to be set in the 1920's you know? And he should look like some sort of "Romeoish" figure.

Actually i did not know that, but thinking about it... That would make more sense.

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