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  1. If there's food spoiling you should be able to dry/salt/etc. your food so that it doesn't spoil, at the cost of additional resources.
  2. So basically he gets stronger armor but when that armor breaks he constantly loses health?
  3. Why would you want to make the game easier PKM999?
  4. That's boring. Then it's just about killing, not surviving.
  5. Just an idea to add a little more character to the game but after you die it should fade out to a scene of Maxwell digging a hole for your grave in the middle of a graveyard with some words mocking you and mocking how you died. "Didn't respect nature" if you got killed by a Tree-Guard for example or "Forgot to eat" if you died of starvation. These messages are saved and played back on grave-stones you find on new games. Implying that you're just stuck in a cycle of death and revival forever.
  6. Breeding rabbits? Fattening them up? Keeping them as tamed pets?
  7. Doesn't the largest Tree Guardian kill you in one hit if you don't have armor?
  8. One thing I noticed while playing and watching other people play is that eventually you're strong enough that most things simply don't pose a threat anymore and the game basically ends because there's nothing to overcome once you have your souped up farm and army of pigs/smallbirds. So my suggestion is that over time the world gradually changes to become more evil and distorted. Kind of like Eversion but in a survival game rather than a platformer. It serves to justify all the horrors you see occasionally popping out to attack you such as tree guardians. Some ideas (Though the devs can surely think of better): Grass becomes thorny and requires an axe to collect, it also hurts and slows the player if they walk through it. Jackalopes slowly start to become corrupted and act like aggressive mobs and drop Monster Meat instead of Morsels. Gobblers slowly change into a weird mutant monster that eats any food items it finds, meat, seeds, petals, etc. Crows eventually become aggressive towards the player and instead of flying away will start to peck at the player and don't drop Morsels anymore. Spiders eventually stop being scared of fire and have a larger chasing radius. Beefalo become territorial and will chase the player around if the player stays near one for too long (won't aggro the group however). Tentacles cease to be stationary and will sink into the ground and teleport next to the player (as long as the player is in swamp) after making an attack. Tree Guardians become progressively more common over time, naturally spawning ones also occur.
  9. Why should monster combat be rewarding? This is a survival game not an unpaid pest removal service. You don't want to fight and you shouldn't because you'll get wounded or killed. If you were stuck in the wilderness you wouldn't go looking for trouble to why should you be given incentive to do so in a game meant to emulate being stuck in the wilderness.
  10. The person who gifted me the game DOES NOT have the game himself, so likely there was supposed to be a second key in with the gift. For that then I assume I have to install the steam version in order to play?
  11. First question is that I have the Steam version of don't starve so how do I play in the Crome Browser? It asks for a registration key but I don't know how I would get mine due to it being steam based. Second, I believe I was gifted the full copy of the game but I didn't receive my second key. Any reason for this?