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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: WickerBottom's Recipies

Issue Description: Wickerbottom is supposed to have all the science machine's recipes memorized and needs an alchemy machine to prototype new recipes.

However, when standing next to a science machine, there's a glitch that allows her to prototype Improved farms and other alchemy machine-related items.

Also I'm not sure if you guys knew this, but in single player Don't starve during a full-moon the regular flowers turn into evil flowers until the next full moon. This makes Nightmare fuel easy to make and easy to go insane. However in DST full moons don't turn them into evil flowers, but also full moons don't go back to back as they do in Don't starve. Not sure if you guys wanted to change it or not since having 2 full moons back to back might make the world a little crazy and hard for woody to manage.

Hope you guys had a nice break! Hope the Chinese gifting thing isn't giving you too much trouble!

Steps to Reproduce: For the Wickerbotom glitch, Step next to a Science machine

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I always thought her knowledge perk means that she can craft science recipes one tier higher than other characters in similar circumstances.

Without science machine she can craft all science machine recipes, standing next to science machine she can craft all alchemy engine recipes.

So if you're building solo base you don't have to build an alchemy engine, and if you're sharing base with other characters you can skip building science machine in favor of alchemy engine.

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