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  1. This happened to me today, Might not be a bug, i checked the servers log and nothing seemed wrong, but when I checked my client log it showed up as this: Error: unable to find character in profile wes I was playing as Webber and the other player was also playing as Webber, as far as I know we both were in the overworld, but I might have just exited the caves (and into the overworld) as he was spawning. It still doesn't make sense why the error is regarding to Wes. This occurred after someone joined after a Rollback (2 days). I was also not playing as Admin of the server. This is what the dedicated servers log looked like client_log blah blah.txt
  2. This happens to me sometimes as well, (my laptop can't even get the new windows 10, in other words its a POS) I've only noticed this happen to me when the distance between me and the go_next prefab is really big, like across the world big. Other than that it almost never crashes.
  3. Didn't know that also included attacking other buzzards. I might be wrong.
  4. When in the desert and there are 2 meats on the ground, the buzzards attack each other if they land simultaneously. I was only able to see this happen once, and it occured after one meat on the ground was a monster meat and the other one was a drumstick (sorry for the crappy snapshot)
  5. Hello I've been bug testing the vote-kick system for the last few days and I found a few bugs or maybe some quirks that look like bugs, but may not be: When a dedicated server has the over world and a connected caves world involved, and the vote kicking begins in one server, it does not transfer over to the other server (even though both server have vote kicking enabled). Ex: Vote kick me from the caves, when I'm in the over world. I don't get to vote or am I alerted that the vote kicking has begun. When both people are in the master shard, and they both vote kick each other at the same time, it seems that the game crashes. (only occured once, and could not duplicate it at the moment.) The Hotfix that implemented Vote Kicking stated that there would need to be 3 people present in the server to start the vote kicking. Unfortunately that is not the case, as I tested all my abnormalities with just me and a friend. Not sure if the vote kicking has been fully implemented yet or if these are actual bugs. Just thought its something you guys oughta know.
  6. Hahaha, can confirm the saplings spawning in the ponds in the caves.
  7. sweet the game looks like its getting more polished I wish that that the Maxwell shadows would drop half of their nightmare fuel use when killed. I think that would make the shadows a wii bit more balanced. Other than than, looks great!
  8. Did they go back to normal after the full moon/werepig effect wore off? Did they start chasing you when they approached them? This might occur when a server is shut down when they were werepigs, and when the server is back up they stay werepigs indefinately, (I noticed that happening awhile back, but I think its fixed/havent shut down my server in a while to see it happen).
  9. Can't seem to be quick enough to change item skins (Firepit, backpack) skins when the game is in Full-screen mode. The crafting tab closes immediately when I try to hit the arrows to change the skin. When in windowed mode I am able to pick the skin of the item normally. Saw the same thing posted in the general discussion, only backwards. Seems like the mouse box needs to be re-sized when going from windowed to full screen box. (that tech-talk tho). Running game in windows 7. let me know if you guys need more specs.
  10. You're using the wrong key. You have to use the Reign of Giants key. The reign of giants key has 5 Slots instead.
  11. Ice still spawns during winter even when the world preset is set to none in dedicated server. Happened on my server when the setting were set to match No Giants here. (vanilla DST) Not sure if you guys were also aware that even though Birch tree monsters were set to none, birch trees still spawn (Shouldn't spawn in Vanilla). Before winter arrives, no Ice is found. Only occurs after winter starts and pen gulls begin appearing.
  12. Hey guys I mentioned this bug in your twitch last night and I thought posting it on here might make it more noticeable. When on a boat, and having the spyglass equipped...(with a controller, not a mouse and keyboard) you can't use it. Even if the boat is not moving.
  13. A bloated whale is given the option to be hacked with a machete before it can be hacked. This causes the player to swim to the center of the blade until clicked or moved away.
  14. I thought that the Flingo did this to plants before they wither, so planting the flingo after the plants wither doesnt rehydrate them. Might be wrong on this.