How can I run commands from the server shell?

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So far I wasn't able to find it out. All I've found is this:

"Added “-console” command line argument for dedicated servers, allows users to input lua commands directly from the application window."

Not sure what it means tho.

And this:
"EDIT: The next build will have an optional console, for directly inputting commands in the Dedicated Server window."

If we just could find out what this window is. :D

Is there anybody who could provide a simple instruction how to run LUA commands directly from the host's shell/CLI *without* connecting to the server with the game-client?

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So, I guess I figured it out. Actually it's not that difficult, although I don't know how to use it with `screen`, because I'm using it with Docker.

First, you need to start the server on the CLI with the argument `-console` to enable this. Second, if you do so (without `screen`) you can simply input LUA code on the CLI, one command per line.


Using docker-compose with a docker-compose.yml file, it's important so set both, `tty` and `stdin_open`, to true. This enables to send commands to the running docker process, when reattaching to the container with `docker attach <container>`.

Unfortunately I don't know how to use this with `screen` but I guess it's also possible to attach back to the running process and enter commands.

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You can send commands directly to the screen session.


So, if you followed step 13 & 14 in the guide (titled, "[GUIDE] How to setup server dedicated cave on Linux"), dst_server1 is the name of the session used for the overworld, while dst_server2 is the screen session used for the cave.


To give player 1 forty logs in the outerworld, on the server, for example, you'd enter at your server:


screen -S dst_server1 -p 0 -X stuff "c_select(AllPlayers[1]) c_give(\"log\",40)$(printf "\r\n")"


This may not be the best way, but it works in Ubuntu Linux. 

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