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  1. PS: It's always permissions. Removed the, 'cause it contained some sensitive data (server token, KU_ ids etc.), I guess.
  2. So, I just tested an older codebase and the problem doesn't occur there. I assume that the issue is not specific to DST alone, it seems that it's directly related to how we run the server. Could be some permission problem or something. Gonna have to look at it more closely. I think I figured it out. It seems that directory and file permissions for some critical files/directories were somehow not set properly, although listing the files and directories, it looked okay. The issue seems to be related to how Docker (wrongly) applies file and directory permissions when building a Docker image. If anyone is interested, this is how I applied permissions in the Dockerfile: # Set permissions. RUN set -ex \ && chown -R "$STEAM_USER":"$STEAM_USER" "$STEAM_HOME" \ && chmod -R +x "$STEAM_HOME/scripts/" \ && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dontstarvetogether \ && chmod +x / And this is what seems to have fixed it; note the last line: # Set permissions. RUN set -ex \ && chown -R "$STEAM_USER":"$STEAM_USER" "$STEAM_HOME" \ && chmod -R +x "$STEAM_HOME/scripts/" \ && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dontstarvetogether \ && chmod +x / \ && sync So, in the end, this probably was some permission problem due to how Docker sets those in the Docker image. If someone else has similar issues, be sure to check permissions for files and folders related to running the server and persisting the config files etc.
  3. @zarklord_klei, it seems the new patch/hotfix does not solve the issue. I'll attach a `zip` archive with the `cluster` directory so that you can have a look at it yourself. I noticed that `client_temp/server_save` does not exist in the cluster directory, only `server_temp/server_save` exists.
  4. @zarklord_klei, also, I noticed something different, probably not related, but after creating a `worldgenoverride.lua` file, somehow, when running `cat worldgenoverride.lua` it prints the contents with the string `KLEI 1` prepended to the file. cat worldgenoverride.lua KLEI 1 return { override_enabled = true, overrides = { extrastartingitems = "20", krampus = "often", regrowth = "veryfast", season_start = "summer", world_size = "huge", }, } What is this behavior? Is this some left over debug code which accidently prepends this data to various files?
  5. @zarklord_klei, is there an estimation when the next hotfix will be published? Before or after this weekend? Thanks!
  6. @zarklord_klei, inside /opt/storage/cluster/shard/save/server_temp/ there's a single file called server_save which seems to be some kind of binary/encoded file with a size of 348531 bytes. The files contents start with "KLEI 1DAQAAABAAAACyEBgA...".
  7. @zarklord_klei, I've attached the server log to the bug report. Mind that the attached server and client logs are not from the same server/session/run.
  8. Is the error message suspicious because it mentions `client_temp`? Is this a server-side or a client-side problem? The server log just prints this:
  9. @PeterA, @ScottHansen, @Jason, @Ipsquiggle - I'd appreciate any help on this! Please ping/contact/message me anytime if you need more information/logs etc. Thanks a lot for your input! Thanks for the great QOL update!
  10. @zarklord_klei, I've reported the bug I encounter.
  11. Set up a new dedicated server on Linux, but when connecting, it throws the error depicted in the screenshot. Mind that the attached client log and server files are not from the same server/session/run. client_log.txt
  12. True, it works now. Thanks! Unfortunately I'm encountering another problem when connecting to the server. Gonna create a bug report on the forums asap.
  13. @zarklord_klei, seems like I'm not able to install the dedicated server on version `45543` (or newer) with steamcmd on Linux, I'm stuck on `451587`. Can you confirm that the update was also published properly for the dedicated server on Linux?
  14. @zarklord_klei, not sure I'm missing something, but installing the dedicated server via steamcmd on Linux installs version `451587`.
  15. How can I check the actual version for a Windows client and a Linux server? I want to be super sure this is not my fault. Thanks! It seems that steamcmd does not load the latest version for the dedicated server?! I'm refering to this steam app. @zarklord_klei, can you maybe check if the dedicated server release for Linux was published properly?