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Hi guys...

Wonderful game, first time poster - FYI.

I did some searching and found several threads that touch on this... but nothing that really fit that was recent.

I'm playing the steam version - have been for about 2-3 weeks. Over the last week, I've been playing with the new map generation style that warns me I will have problems. However, going from the old circle islands, this is a very welcome improvement. The circles make it feel a bit ridiculous. Yes, I'm a cartoon character with a stylized design. However, something about the straight-line land bridges and circle islands is off-putting.

One thing I think needs to be mentioned about the new 'beta' maps is the sheer size of the world now. There is a chance it actually may be too large. I've been walking for several full days and still have just a tiny bit of the map uncovered. I have no idea if it even ends at this point. I've found no place where the map seems to end or even wrap-around. Knowing that the older maps just ended and given the sheer area and volume of resources (and the ability to handle many hounds every other day), this current map is enough for at least 1,000 days. It might even be enough for 10,000 days - if i weren't wasteful and could possibly live that long.

One part of me thinks it might be too much. Although, it makes me want to have something similar to a horse for getting around. (Did I mention the map is really large?!) However, this could be a result of being used to an enclosed area and dealing with the limits that imposes. When I remove the idea that there used to be a much smaller map, I think its ok. It certainly does a lot from a aesthetic and atmospheric standpoint - you REALLY are alone in a vast, dangerous wilderness. I did feel like the swamp would never end.

Anyone else have thoughts?

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The new map is a sample of things to come, but ironically it is too large right now. I say that because many players complained about how small the non-test maps are and we had to explain the reason for this was because the Devs didn't want the map to be larger than the overall content. They didn't want players to just have more of the same. When enough new content would be added the map's size would be increased.

The test map gives a good idea of what the final map might appear as, but it still lacks the new content that would provide enough interest to explore it all. So, in short, we have to wait for more varied content.

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Ive wandered on a random map and got so lost, cant find anyone but have 4 chest with nothing but logs flints and grass over 600 of each lol, but i used a macro recently to walk and find every area so far hes been going for 3 real time days and only about half the map is uncovered

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I assumed early players would complain about the small maps. I guess the answer really depends on the amount of new content added.

I've been thinking about this since I posted and I do like idea of a vast world. I like the idea of potentially getting somewhat lost or losing supplies/camp. It would be a mini-reset within a survival game. Maybe like being damaged/hungry to the point that you lose consciousness and your personal map is lost temporarily?

I would like to see more than one bridge between areas. At least more randomness there. The zigzag pattern helps - better than a straight line. I also think you could introduce an artificial raised land area to add depth. Examples of this are plentiful in games - think neverwinter or that old warriors of the eternal sun. Then again it's been done. Not necessary in the current game.

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