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  1. Ive wandered on a random map and got so lost, cant find anyone but have 4 chest with nothing but logs flints and grass over 600 of each lol, but i used a macro recently to walk and find every area so far hes been going for 3 real time days and only about half the map is uncovered
  2. make sure your logged in and boot the game from the chrome app page.
  3. make sure you are logged into the right google account before loading the game
  4. I've been thinking about caves and ect, i think under ground lakes would fix this issue, making "islands" of walkable space underground with black voids in every direction and either a miners hat or torch would be needed to explore the areas, but you would find items that are used for crafting like stones that produce gold more often ect
  5. RawX


    i freaking love you guys haha
  6. RawX


    not to sound like a downer, but me and my girl broke up today, anyone wanna try to cheer me up? -_- i hate being such a nice guy....
  7. Hello, I'm RawX or AkA its up to you guys what you want to call me ^.^ but this game is quite fun, just got around to really play playing it the other week and I'm impressed, though alot of my time is taken by my gf and kenshi this game is fun as hell for 3-4 day sections here and there
  8. hehe im just messing with you guys it has 218 pages of randomness
  9. its almost not worth it, but for anyone interested heres a good place to start http://double.co.nz/nintendo_ds/nds_tutorial2.html
  10. ive got the main screen working thus far, im sure if they put their heads together this can become a reality, but as for me recoding the entire game oh hell no -_- not for free anyway
  11. is this dead? behold my power of rising the dead
  12. I just started a test, its gonna take a few days but once its done im going to post my results