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  1. I typically employ pigmen and do most of my tree cutting in dense area. That way, I can efficiently cut 15 or more trees in a lot less time. Sometimes, this method draws a tree guard because the trees are close together and it's a lot of trees at once. The good part is that I get the pigmen to do the dirty work with the tree guard and sometimes only need to hit him once or twice and its all over.When it's just me, I whack him with the spear while wearing armor (helmet, vest). I run up, hit him, and then run away from his attack. Repeat.
  2. I get the point of what you're saying, but please realize that "going for as many days a I can" isn't what drives me to play DS. I use a few days (usually just the first day) to get enough for an axe and pick axe, chop down a few trees, build a backpack and gather some food. That's really all I need to enjoy the game. From then on, its just explore and see how long I can live without a stable base. I've managed to get to about day 26 (I think) just continuously moving on. Eventually, I do something rash that gets me killed. In any other game, I would kingdom-build. While DS shares features of RTS games, I feel it's not designed to be played like RTS games.
  3. I keep coming back to this... GruHah. I can sort of see what people are saying with the Grue killing everything that sleeps on the ground out of light, but you're also a stranger in a strange land. You don't know the rules and you don't belong.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Feels a little over the top to me. Me either. And I don't bother with flowers. The daylight is enough for me to recoup.
  5. I start killing stuff immediately. I wouldn't call myself a very advanced player, having never seen day 30, but that's because I take risks. That's what I really like about this game. Any time you need to take 6 henchmen along for the ride, things probably aren't going to go your way. That's fun to me, though.Thinking through this as if I were a beginner, I would probably not have a problem with Sanity. In fact, I would find it to be an additional reason to play. It's a different level of game play that adds to the horror theme in a novel way. Like I stated before, it is very easy to keep sanity above 90 as it currently exists.I like the fact that this game is as difficult as you WANT it to be. Want it to be easy? No problem, don't take risks. Gather easily renewable resources, throw some frog's legs, morsels and monster meat at a few nearby pigmen and things are easy. But if you want to build a fortress, that takes some serious planning. Otherwise, you'll die halfway from the threats you face gathering the staggering amount of resources necessary to build lots of stuff.
  6. Agreed on this. I love it when the eyes appear. The first time I saw a long shadow cast across the fire ... I was like what the *%?! I think its easy to avoid insanity. As I've stated in other posts, I have to actually seek it out like you've mentioned.
  7. HAH - you missed the point (a funny comment however!) The pigs do most of my dirty work for me. that was the point... the benefit of gaining sanity at night around a group makes it that much easier. I rarely drop below 95-90 sanity.
  8. All my rabbits run when the sun sets. Are you filling in the rabbit holes? Doesn't that just deplete the number of rabbits overall? I thought filling in the rabbit hole would not allow another rabbit to regenerate.
  9. I think this is a pretty interesting idea... although I would assume killing a grue would be the hardest thing to kill in the game.
  10. A VERY easy way around insanity is just making a single pig your friend. If said pig sleeps by the fire near you, you don't lose sanity points. Then, you can have two solid days of sunlight sanity gain. Plus, during the day, if you have a pig as a friend, sanity points go up faster. It is easy-as-pie to avoid going insane. Considering that I like to make pigs do most of my work anyway (cutting down trees faster, killing masses of spiders faster, taking out tentacles for me, etc) its just an added benefit.
  11. Great comment. There have been a few times between cleaning out the inventory, cooking, making components, etc. that my character stops and just stares at me. It's so quiet and peaceful. I actually find enjoyment in 30 seconds of downtime. Odd, but I really like it.
  12. The pigs seem a bit cold, no? Originally, they were not sleeping this close, then a spider attacked. They killed the spider and immediately fell asleep. Perhaps they should check their proximity to the fire first?
  13. I found my own self-generating killing fields.Spiders are causing the pigs to aggro and kill the spiders as they leave the nest. Beefalo go nuts as the pigs/spiders approach and the pigs gang up and murder the parents who are just defending their babies. All I have to do is stand around and collect massive amounts of loot. Meanwhile, the babies just roam around as all this happens each evening. This is the highest concentration of different mobs I've ever seen generated. 12 pigmen, growing spider den, small beefalo herd... I bet things get interesting on a full moon!
  14. Thanks. I suppose this will be fixed as they tweak the game.
  15. Indeed, this did work. What's the deal with this?