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Are Felix and Brimstone cumulative?

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Szjara    1

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I wonder if multiple Felix daemons cumulate into a higher profit from safes. Specifically, is it multiplicative or additive ? i.e. do two Felix add up to 11% or 20% more credits? Same question, if anyone uses the New daemons mod, does it cumulate with Fortune and its +25% creds in safes?


I was wondering for Brimstone's passive +10% daemon reversal. Is there any point taking more than one? I am currently contemplating buying a second one.


Thanks for your answers. :-)


Edit: Nevermind, I derped with the Brimstone question: you simply can't take multiples of the same program.

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Cyberboy2000    660

Felix multiplies the amount of credits in safes, so one Felix is 110% credits, two is 121%, three is 133,1% etc.

What's strange is that every time Felix installs or uninstalls it adds 1 credit to every safe(I guess because it rounds down when it mutiplies), so if a safe has 100 credits to begin with it and you install Felix it will have 111 credits, and when it uninstalls there will be 101 credits. After a second Felix those values will be 112 and 102 (because it rounds down)

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