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World Won't Start: Warning Message


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Hi All,


I also have a problem that as soon as I want to play the game with mods installed, it crashes.


I have installed Shipwrecked the other day. Since then I am having problems with playing the game.


I would like to add my error message but it won't go through. 


My error message says something about a colourcubemanager. I am searching through the mods on my pc...

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I got one step closer to playing the game now. I have unisntalled and installed the game again. I haven't enabled the Season clock mod and started the default world. 


My honest opinion is that Shipwrecked is a too early access DLC and is messing with the vanilla game.


Unfortunately Microsoft gave me a "game has stopped working" error. But I am a little bit close to playing the game with my mods.


YAY!!! :encouragement:

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I finally got the game working.


The mods that does not work on my game is the following:


Backpack and amulet

Season Clock

Strongbox (Crashed)


So scratch what I said that it is because of Shipwrecked... The mods just needs some work...


:joyous:  :yaypigs:

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