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[General] - Error loading mod with no generation options

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Cyberboy2000    660

Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Error loading mod with no generation options
Issue Description: If you make a mod with no starting generation options the game will make an error upon pressing the dlc/mod select button

Dec 20 17:51:39 -- [LUA] select_dlc_dialog:show()
Dec 20 17:51:39 -- [LUA] select_dlc_dialog:init()
Dec 20 17:51:39 -- [LUA] CHANGED: dlc1
Dec 20 17:51:40 -- game/client/fe/select-dlc-dialog.lua:85: assertion failed!

stack traceback:
[C] in function 'assert'
game/client/fe/select-dlc-dialog.lua:85 in function 'show'
game/client/states/state-generation-options.lua:472 in function
(tail call) ?

Steps to Reproduce: Read above

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