some ideas and some things i feel should really be changed!

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I got some cool ideas i think and would like your opinions, but first let's talk about what should DEFFINITELY be fixed!


- Walls should not take damage from objects because of the wind... i think its utterly ridiculous that a small hail will obliterate a limewall in mere seconds... If it's that powerfull, we should 1 hit kill everything by throwing hail in their face lol.


Now for the ideas,


- More helmet choices, with each new DLC we get more armors but never any helmets, we should have a water themed helmed, maybe made with jellyfish and coral and would give a better protection and a slight rain protection?


- water themed buildings that can be constructed in the mangrove!

Just imagine small board walks that could only be planted there, and have water farms for fish, maybe a pen for water beefalo, or some kind of water walls ''nets?'' etc... I would really love making such a base.


And lastly, i really love the new character and exclusively use her surfboard cause it fits well with her, but we should be able to create a second tier surf with one slot that can ONLY be used for sails and with a little more durabillity.



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Like the ideas for sure. One thing I saw someone mention that sounded pretty cool and original was sponge being a new material you can find/harvest from a trawl net or otherwise collect in a reef, and it could potentially be used to make a helmet with multiple purposes as well as a mop for the flooding season. Thought that was a pretty cool idea, to add to the tropical helmets idea.

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I guess (or hope) that the hail is bugged out in the moment so there will be a fix.



I like your jellyfish helmet but I would spice it up a little. You can wear it as a normal helmet but every electrical attack you receive does double damage to you. So better don't wear them whilst thunderstorms.



I would rather like to see the mangroves drying up in the volcano season so you can normally walk on the turf there. This would be the opportunity to build trawlnet structures or do other shenanigans.

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