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Deerclops in a new World. Finding out if I have it.


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Hi guys. I started a new world a while ago and i'm now up to day 238. Thing is, I haven't had a deerclops spawn yet and I'm a little worried I might have set up a world without it. I usually don't mess with these settings preferring a more vanilla experience but since I haven't seen one in so long, I'm concerned. Is there a way to look at my world files to figure out if I have set deerclops to 0? And if not, is there any way to find out if I do have deerclops in my world? 


Thanks in advance

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Well, you could do minor modding/hacking to find out. It is entirely possible you just have good luck though.


Thanks for the response. How would one go about doing this minor modding/hacking? :) 



I would actually consider that bad luck since I want dem eyes! hehe

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The easiest approach is probably to add a message to the "basehassler.lua" file in "data/scripts/components" (in RoG, you need to go to "DLC_000001" folder).


You'd look for the function that is called "StartAttacks" ("SetUpAttacks" in RoG) and place the following line in it:



Then the log.txt should say YOURMESSAGEHERE. You can open the log ingame using ctrl+L, or this way.

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Got it! Doesn't StartAttacks mean periodic attacks like hounds, worms or the deerclops? In which case won't it pop every time a hound attacks me? 


In that situation I'll know that deerclops has spawned if it pops for me but not hounds attack me, right? 

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Nevermind the previous question.


I found this at "data/scripts/components/basehassler.lua"

local BaseHassler = Class(function(self, inst)
    self.inst = inst
self.warning = false
self.timetoattack = nil
self.warnduration = 60
self.timetonextwarningsound = 0
self.announcewarningsoundinterval = 4
self.hasslerprefab = "deerclops"
self.warningsound = "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/distant"
self.attacksperwinter = 1
self.attackduringsummer = false
self.attackdelay = nil
self.attackrandom = nil
self.inst:ListenForEvent("snowcoverchange", function(inst)
local snow_cover = GetSeasonManager() and GetSeasonManager():GetSnowPercent() or 0
   if snow_cover >= 0.2 then 
       if not self.timetoattack then
   elseif snow_cover <= 0 and self.attackduringsummer and not self.timetoattack then
end, GetWorld() )
I assume this means standard values (eg: one attack per winter). However, can I be sure that this applies to my current game or it's just a template for default values? 
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