[Suggestion] Whale Oil Lantern

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Ever since I've been on a Whale Hunting Spree, I now have at least 5x dead Whales in my world stinking up my ocean at any given time. Which means I'll end up with a surplus of Blubber that inevitable either just rot away in my Ice Box or just go down my gullet. I have multiples of the items you can make with Blubber, so I figured Blubber should have more uses. One of which would be the following:
The Whale Oil Lantern (or simply Oil Lantern)
It'll be the third tier item for boat light sources and another option aside from the Bottle Lantern. Base suggestion of the recipe would be as follows. 1x Rope, 1x Bottle, 2x Whale Oil.
Whale Oil:

  • It will be a new item under the Refine Tab and would require 2x Blubber to craft.
  • It has no expiration and it only stacks to 2 (balance reasons).
  • It has the same look as the Snake Oil but with a different color, up for debate.

The Oil Lantern being a highest tiered boat light item would have the main feature of being usable on land equipped by the player in the hand/weapon/tool slot AND ALSO can be equipped on any boat's light source slot. The Oil lantern can only be refueled with Whale Oil. Refueling with Whale Oil will refill the Oil Lantern for 50%. The Oil Lantern deteriorates just a few seconds faster than the Bottle Lantern. The Oil Lantern can be turned On and Off.
It can be used as a weapon, but all attacks (hit or miss) will reduce the % even if it's On/Off. Damage would be equal to any other tool. If Lantern is turned On all attacks will set the ground on fire and cannot be extinguished by any means. So don't attack with the Oil Lantern.
This idea may have holes so if you can think of any let me know. I'll try and refine this suggestion a bit more. Thanks for the read, cheers.

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I like the idea, but I don't think there needs to be so many complications to the tool. I think just having a higher tier boat lantern would be nice; one that lasts a long time considering the value of its fuel. Then again, I haven't gotten very far in SW so maybe I can't relate to potential late game balance issues

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