[Suggestion] Mosquito Spray

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Hello Shipwrecked players ! I want to purpose and idea for a new craftable :


The Mosquito Spray !!


- Components :


SeeWeed x 3

Empty Bottle x 1

Venon Gland x 2

Electrical DooDad x 1


- Effects :


How like wake up by this vicious noise in his room and enable fall asleep still this threat grind around ?!?

The Mosquito Spray is made for you !! Yeah look a this my friend,the quintessence of science can be your, for a little compensation. <<A strong repel in a so small bottle ... is this really working ?>> you will ask me.

At least, i can just say you this : << I hope, depend of you, of the community opinion, and maybe, one day, it will be here for you, Strong and Efficient !!>>

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