So lets brainstrom some boss monsters for Shipwrecked

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As the title suggest i was thinking about some of the bigger threats for Shipwrecked (similar to the Giants of RoG) but i could not come of with many good ideas so i though instead make a topic and brainstorm some ideas.


So far i only got 2 ideas one people already know about.


The Ghostship: A insanity boss spawning when the player has really low sanity or finds it during fullmoons. The ship is surrounded by a few Ghostpirates as well as having some big firepower so players need to be carefull so it doesn't destroy your boat. the ship can also follow you to your base and might attack you from the shoreline if your base is to close to the water.


The Kraken: Basicly a giant octopus that acts as a multipart boss. You basicly got the head what is the actual boss and has not many ways to defend himself (he can squirt some water at you but not much else). The actual bosspart are the tentacles that sorround the head and what will swat at you to try and get you away from the head. You can kill the tentacles but they will respawn if you don't kill the head to quickly. Also should the player retreat to land the Kraken will start hurling big boulders after then similar to the Volcano rocks so going back to base might not be a good idea.


Again i like to hear feedback on my ideas and everyone that has an idea for a bossmonster can post theirs to. Let's just see who can come up with the best sounding boss idea.

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Maybe Kraken is the late game boss boss, the real boss. You need to summon him using a crapload of resources by making a "Booknomicon" or something, using up nightmare fuel, paper and uhh, obsidian?


A giant squid maybe? I'm not sure how you would fight it though. Maybe you just whack at it and it drops calamari that you can pick up.


I had an idea for a loch ness monster that you can either fight for lots of loot for something exclusive and nice, or you can befriend it using a one man band or something, and as long as you keep giving it the fish it wants (tropical fish, lobsters, mussels, jellyfish) It stays friendly and is basically an infinite boat. Very hard to maintain though, you need to prepare a lot. A whale body, a long neck and a goat head with weird flippers. As fast as a sail boat.


This would work similarly to Glommer. Keep glommer around for sanity, or kill him to make the bell. Keep the loch ness around for transport, or kill it for... a piece to summon kraken?


This can go many directions.

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Tiki Shaman

A kind of shaman that can summon lots of tiny little Tiki by doing a dance. A Tiki Shaman can attack by magic or with his fist. It can call down heavy rain clouds that can hit you with lightning, can rain little rocks from the sky (not big enough to be meteors) and cast fire and ice spells. This would be a very hectic and frantic battle, and for killing a Shaman you could get a Tiki Mask that could be used in some kind crafting recipe for a totem to prevent the volcano from raining hell on your world.



An incredibly serpent that comes from the sea and can fly over the water to breathe very hot flames from its mouth. I imagine this thing has having eyes all over its body, and with huge wings that help it to fly. The wings could be the special drop, and be used to create some kind of boat attachment to make your boat essentially an airship, moving very fast, carrying four extra items and fly over the land.


I want to know what you guys think of my ideas! :D

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Ok, let's play !


The Big Bad Wolffish


A (very) distant and (very) large cousin of the dogfish, the Big Bad Wolffish lurks near corail reefs. His fearsome size means he generates small waves going the opposite way from him while swimming. The Big Bad Wolffish still is a dogfish at heart, and runs away when the player gets close. When attacked, the Big Bad Wolffish turns and huffs and puffs at the threat, generating a (very) strong wind and strong waves to push away and/or sink the attacker.


If encountered during a Full Moon, the Big Bad Wolffish becomes a Werewolffish and becomes, for some reason, hairy. The Big Bad Werewolffish chases the player around and tries to bite him rather than running away or huffing and puffing.


Seahounds are allies with the Big Bad Wolffish and won't attack him.

Pigs and Wildbores ashore are afraid of the Big Bad Wolffish and will run inside their homes as soon as he comes close, even if befriended. 

The Big Bad Wolffish will huff and puff at Pig/Wildbores huts, trying to bring them down.



Loot would be food and hound teeth mainly.


Special loot would be :

- Big Bad Wolffish: Big Bad Thoracic cage, used to craft a Windpipe (Armor slot / Permanent durability drain when worn / creates a terrible noise that scares away anything that hear it)


- Werewolffish: Werewolffishbone, used to make a windmill (reduces the strenght of the wind around it).

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