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  1. Hello, First off, sorry if my english is imperfect, as it is not my native language. On to the bug ! Situation: - Two computers playing Don't Starve Together online through Steam from the same network. Computer A is the host of the game (a Forest Shard, a Cave shard), Computer B connects to the game through Steam Invitation. Forest shard works just fine. But when trying to go down in the Caves from a Sinkhole, Computer A (the host) manage to go down while Computer B gets a timeout after a short time period (4-5 seconds) with a error message telling that it couldn't find the Host (and suggesting to yell louder.). This behaviour reproduces every time. I tried disabling both computer's firewalls, to ensure it is not a blocked port on either side. If I switch the game to a LAN-type game, resume the same server, and let Computer B log in through the Server Browser / LAN tab, everything works just fine. Thanks,