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Agent Ghuff is an ex-investigator. 
Uses augment from Contingency Plan DLC that was not used in the game: door peeks have full vision, can find corporate intel in large safes
Starts with Decoy item: throw to create holographic target for guards, can be destroyed via mainframe to make 4 tiles range noise. Either way it supposed to distract guards from current duty. 

K&O flak guard overlay starring as decoy (it's a copy, with added transparency ie no dlc required)

+ adds to stores:

EMP-grenade: cheap (150cr) instant emp-blast for 3 tiles range. 

and Wireless Electronic Overloaders to stores and security dispatch missions: allows to remotely EMP single target, 3 charges per mission, 4 turns cooldown, consume attack.

Install: unzip into InvisibleInc\mods\


Known issues: guards not detect decoy if it just appears in their vision cone (they need to moves and see it, or their vision should be refreshed in other way like door close/open), not detect destruction noise if decoy exploded at tile right in front of them). 

No wireframes again, comment if you need them, same for rebalance suggestions or if you will see annoying grammar or spelling mistake.

Big pic is a collage again >_<





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Upd: better animated portrait added, with moving eyes and other improvements (previous was enormously bad, but before posting mod I wasn't able to force myself redo it. Guard's paired eyes and their trawling reaction on "w" coordinate changes drives me crazy).




Can you teach me step by step how to create a character and run the mods character in game.

I do everything as described in Jason instruction from "API example" mod.

"API example" also contain .anim files for Decker, Banks and guard portrait, I use them: it's a archives that contain sprites and xml files with information how those sprites combined into animations. Sprites are .png arts with heads, legs etc, I do recolors, hue/saturations, draw a bit (it's better to read some pixelart articles for that). Decker's hat and cloak and/or anything else that don't needed for character I overwrite by "empty" pngs (1x1 empty pixel), there's thread in this forum where you can download them. Edited sprites packed back into .anim files. Anim files goes to folder with path "Anims/characters/agents" (or "anims/portraits" for portraits or "gui/images/gui/" for icons) and by kwad builder (can be found in "API example mod" too) packed to kwad file, that goes into mod folder (how to mount it described in "API example" instruction). Similiar way with gui pics.

First thing, IMO, that you need to do is extract game kwad files (anims, characters, gui ) and see by yourself, how files should be stored inside, proper paths, how sprites looks, how many you need to redo.

If you don't want to draw much you can combine sprites of different characters, it still require to manually copy and paste needed elements over Decker's or Banks.

And if you start, you just trying it and trying and checking how it looks in game, and redoing and retrying, and finding new ways and learn Photoshop's default tricks how to do it faster and with less unneeded actions, and week or two pass by...

As good side, doing it as hobby allow me to not buy anything on two Steam-sales already.)


+ It's a bit hard to stop, because at editing sprites and messing with .lua for current mod I start to thinking about what else can be done with things, in that case with the way how decoy and emp grenade works: one item "throwed" but in target coordinates another item spawned, like it can be used to spawn "reckoning drone" or it can be used to make some new weapon for guards, like grenade that spawn short-range stationary camera or poison clouds or totally overpowered small enforcer-drones or something else. And since I like throwable items so much, what if I'll try to make agent who can "make" grenades with special item that will use charges ie: buy charge pack -  make grenade or two...

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And they really need to be updated: Steam version was updated twice already >_<


1. Wireless Overloaders have 3 charges and 4 turns cooldown.

2. Sogaple made correction of bio, flavors and tooltips texts.

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