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  1. Forgive me if i ask too much because i'm just 'the noob' in moding games. I'm not so good at the IT things. I just want to make some 'little-art-of-game' and share with everybody. Because Invisible, inc is a very cool indie game, and Klei Ent. allow the player to change the game's infomation and add their own creation in it.
  2. Uhm.. Jason, your builder.exe can not run on my computer because it's just support 64-bits windows computer, but mine is 32-bits. Can you please help me how to build the kwad file manual. I can take care of character art and coding(of course, follow your intruction in API_example) file.
  3. Love U so much, Jason. But can you re-program the builder.exe work with windows 10 32-bit, please!