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Couple questions on purchasing DST for friends

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I have Don't Starve and was given DST back when they gave us a copy. I also gave one of my friends a copy of DST and today we finally tried it out and had a blast. He had never played Don't Starve before and I haven't played in a long time. There are a group of 6 of us that play games together often and I'd like to pick up a few copies for the rest of them and am wondering what the best way to do so is.


It appears that DS and DST are standalone from each other so would I only need to buy them a copy of DST? There are a couple of bundles on the steam page for DST but I'm unsure of what to get. There are four of our friends who do not have the game and I want to buy copies for them all but want to make sure I'm getitng the right ones so we can play tgoether.

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