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Don't starve together mod help

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I am brand new at coding and i need someone to be patient with me i have looked at videos others have posted but many of them im vague about the differences of making characters for DST and The original Don't Starve with it's expansion packs. Im curious about the making of a DST character is any different from the original Don't Starve characters (folders, files etc. in different spots and stuff like that)

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The structure of the folder is not different as far as I know (I'm not used to make characters mods really), but the functions which are used are not always the same. You will have to work with the server/client interface also, and a perk which was maybe 2 lines for a DS character can turn out to be quite tricky for a DST character.

I suggest you to download a simple character mod for DST and check out the .lua files inside to have a first look at which functions should be used. Then ask specific questions about the use of specific functions if you want specific answer :-D

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