[General] - Game won't start on Steam

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Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Game won't start on Steam
Issue Description: Hi Klei. I have put about 448 hours into Invisible Inc, but now the game won't start on Steam. I verified cache integrity and reinstalled, but it won't start at all.
Steps to Reproduce: Upon clicking "Play", an intialising screen briefly appears. It says "running" beside the game name in my library, then "syncing", and then nothing.

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Hey Antipants, 

No major changes to your PC I imagine?  Can you send me your game's log file? 



Hi Jason,


Thanks for your prompt reply. There have been no changes to my initial setup that I am aware of, but of course that doesn't mean that it isn't something on my end.


Please find attached the log file. You'll note that I had taken a pretty long break from the game, but the Contingency Plan DLC prompted me to get back into it. I didn't try booting the game before purchasing and installing the DLC, so I don't know if the issue existed prior to that. I have tried uninstalling the DLC, but unfortunately the game still won't boot.


Thanks again.



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  • Developer

It looks like a video memory issue, though that doesn't quite explain why you were able to play before but can't now, even with the DLC uninstalled. But you can check if that's the problem.. I attached a settings file that will set you games video options to lower settings. 



It goes here:







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Issue resolved! I rebuilt/repaired my 2013 C++ distributable package, and now the game runs. I don't know how or why this was required, but I hope it helps anyone else experiencing the same problem.


One side effect was losing my save game progress (don't know how), but at least I can play it.

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